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Rolfing and Sports:
No matter what sport or physical activity you participate in, Rolfing SI can help by increasing your flexibility, balance and overall physical performance. Loosening restrictions of bound-up fascia allows better muscular flexion and extension decreasing the chance of injury.  

Realigning your posture allows for deeper, better breathing which in turn increases stamina and endurance. Rolfing SI also reduces recovery time for sport’s related injuries.

Many professional and Olympic athletes have used Rolfing over the years to stay ahead of their game and combat injury.  

Two-time U.S. Olympic high jumper Amy Acuff had this to say about Rolfing SI:"As an Olympic high jumper, my motor skills, range of motion and power through that range of motion are critical. When I take off I have to be in position, and more important, I have to be powerful through the launch. I use Rolfing to increase my performance. It frees up a lot of space in my movement, increases my range of motion and gives me more efficient muscle control. The increased range of motion helps me refine the use of my proprioceptions, so I know where I am in space. It also streamlined my motor pathways." 

More perspectives from professional athletes, dancers, musicians, actors, etc. can be found at www.rolf.org in the “Press Room” section.

Performance Benefits from Rolfing SI include:

 decreased pain
 increased range of motion and ease of movement
 standing taller and straighter without effort
 feeling more "grounded"
 greater connection with the body
 quicker recovery from injury
 results that last
 restores vitality to your body

Yoga and Martial Arts:
For the same reasons given above, Rolfing SI is invaluable for Yoga and all forms of the Martial Arts. Additionally, Rolfing SI not only works on the body, but allows the person being worked on to reach a deeper level of inhabiting their body by increasing their awareness to different “holding patterns” and allowing them freedom to release. A large part of Rolfing SI is directed toward this in the education of form and function. Calling for breath to certain areas also brings awareness to individual places in the body possibly forgotten or never known. 

The most common objectives that guide people to Rolfing SI in yoga and the martial arts are:

 to gain relief from chronic or acute tension or pain
 to increase flexibility or coordination
 to improve posture and alignment
 to learn to relax and obtain more body awareness 
 to offset deleterious effects of aging
 to release emotional blocks stored in the body
 to have more energy and stamina 
 to find relief from breathing difficulties
 to better inhabit the body

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