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The 10-Series  
Rolfing® SI
The hallmark of Rolfing® Structural Integration is a standardized “recipe” known as the Ten Series, created by Dr. Ida P. Rolf over 50 years ago. The goal of the recipe is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure and function of the entire body over the course of the ten Rolfing sessions. 

Each session has a specific goal and region of the body to cover. If one area of the body is out of alignment or stressed, this stress is communicated through the rest of the body. If a hip is out of alignment, the rest of the body must adjust to compensate for the misalignment. 

Treating just a particular symptom may bring some temporary relief; however, treating the body as a whole will bring more profound and longer lasting changes. This means not just working “where it hurts” but also identifying other areas of the body that contribute to misalignment. Since no two bodies are alike, the 10-Series is different for each person. However, it always embodies the core principles for releasing the body’s structure as taught by Dr. Rolf and practiced only by Certified Rolfers™.

Essentially, it is one session divided into 10 parts with each session building upon the results of the last. 

In each Rolfing session the client’s postural alignment and 
movement patterns are examined, goals are discussed,
 and manipulation of the connective tissue structure completed, returning the body to a more fluid, graceful state of being.
The client may be asked to breathe into the area being worked and/or to make synchronized movements. The combination of applied pressure and synchronized response engages the nervous system and frees and repositions the connective tissue and aligns the body’s segments.

The first three sessions are called the superficial sessions. They work with the most superficial fascia or wrapping of the body to release holding from the outermost layers and create space for the “core” sessions that follow.

Sessions four through seven go to work on the deeper layers and are called the core sessions. After the sleeve has been effectively worked with and made adaptable we are now ready to go into the core. The core sessions affect the deep structures that support the spine and determine the midline or center line of the body.

Sessions eight through ten are integration sessions where it all comes together with movement. Organizing and aligning the body as a whole, resulting in better balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and a higher energy level. We focus on movement and perceptual awareness to connect these places with the rest of the body.

A Rolfer™ doesn’t just work with connective tissue; they work with rhythms of respiration and other responses of the body and it’s nervous system. They also educate the client in ways of using the new-found freedom.

As posture and alignment shift during the 10-Series, the Rolfer helps clients become aware of their inhibiting movement patterns and teaches them how to change them. This allows the client to maintain the progress made in the 10-Series and carry the benefits forward in a lasting way.

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