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What is Rolfing? 
Rolfing Structural Integration is an intelligent form of hands-on therapy and movement education aimed at freeing the body from limitations and pain. The primary goal of Rolfing SI is to realign the various segments of the body; head - pelvis -ribcage - legs, so you can more easily stand, sit up straight and move. This can have wonderful effect on a person's health and emotional wellness.
Consider our modern lives for a moment.  Think of how much time you spend at your desk and the position you remain in. Chairs do not correctly fit the human body, so you sit for hours with your shoulders slumped and your lower back rounded out. Your hips also stay planted in the seat for hours in an unnatural position. Meanwhile, your arms reach forward using the computer mouse or keyboard as your neck strains to lift your head to see the screen. Now, compare this scenario to driving, how we watch TV, or even how we spend time relaxing at home, and before long you will begin to notice a same pattern in many aspects of our lives. Our bodies are at war with gravity!
Rolfing SI is the only form of bodywork directed at organizing the human body in the field of gravity. The results can be profound.  Potential benefits include not only better posture, enhanced body awareness, and pain relief, but in a broader sense, Rolfing SI helps restore the bodies' natural freedom and balance helping you move with ease, grace and pleasure; to feel at home in your own skin.
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